Moonseat Seating, Sofia Bulgaria.

MonSeat is a simkoseating brand. Monseat Seating OOD, has specialized design and mass production applications for cinema seats, stadium seats, conference seats, school and amplifier orders, children’s car seats and related areas in more than 50 countries. Along; both in their fields of application and in the direction of customer demands, research services, heuristic services, useful model developments .. are also among the services offered.

“Monseat Seating is constantly investing in these issues, thinking that the future can be achieved through innovation and innovation efforts to be done today.”

Our AR-GE studies; employment of experienced personnel in research and development, establishment of a wide range of research and development activities in production areas, close monitoring and improvement of the developments in the world with regular and continuous education and information acquisition, and so on.. Our service areas in general; It is different for cinema seats production, design and implementation, conference seats production, design and application, stadium seats production and assembly, sofa and seating groups, lobby and waiting room seats, restaurant seats, office seats, theater lounge seats, seating groups in the style, seats for auditoriums, school and amp sorting, and so on. armchair production in the fields ..