The aim of this policy is Monseat LTD. CO. to determine a method for regular use of screens and to prevent unauthorized use of printed documents used for information purposes.


From the implementation of this policy, Monseat LTD. CO., all users are responsible.

  • Managing information assets, determining security values, needs and risks of assets, developing and implementing controls for security risks.
  • Fulfilling the legal and relevant legislative requirements, meeting the obligations arising from agreements and providing information security requirements arising from corporate responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders,
  • To reduce the impact of information security threats in business continuity and to contribute to continuity
  • To have the competence to quickly intervene in information security incidents that may occur and minimize the impact of the event
  • To maintain and improve the level of information security over time with a cost effective control infrastructure
  • To raise awareness by giving information security management trainings to all personnel
  • In all activities carried out; Considering information security within the framework of risk management, which are the three basic elements of the information security management system,
  • Confidentiality: (Restricting the viewing of the content of the information with the access of only those who are allowed to view the information / data)
  • Integrity: (The ability to detect unauthorized or accidental changes, deletions or additions and deletions of information and to guarantee detectability),
  • Accessibility: (Availability of information whenever needed)
  • to ensure its continuity.

Disciplinary Procedure provisions are applied to all personnel who do not work in accordance with this policy.